Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring your home
Are you building a new home?

Have you taken your new builds Telecommunication and Audio Visual features into account?

Does your Electrician understand your telecommunication needs? Is he qualified in Telecommunications?

Are you aware that the Telecom document PTC106:2008 requires a minimum standard of wiring for all homes for both current and future requirements. This includes:

  • Phone
  • Data and Computer networking
  • Coaxial UHF/Satellite TV support
  • Broadband support both ADSL and future Fiber to the Home

Failure to comply can result in refusal to connect to Telecoms Network.

  • Smart Wiring your home should include as a minimum, flexible structured wiring for phone, ethernet/data, and RF/Satellite connections to every lived room in your home (except bathrooms etc). Naturally such systems would include security integration.
  • RF/Satellite wiring should satisfy both Sky/FreeView¬† satellite and DTT UHF terrestrial technical requirements. (also Telstra HFC Cable in Wellington/Kapiti districts)
  • Extended features could include, media server sound and vision distribution, Home Theater integration, remote control extension, and automated climate control system.
  • If your home is already established, its still possible to provide some level of retrofitted smart wiring.