Wellington based offering the following services;

Please note RF Design is now not actively providing services, I have gone back top pilot a desk in a design role. For past customers for whom I have provided whole of home installs or major renovation upgrades, please feel free to contact me for any assistance and modifications you may want. As for new customers, I am trying not to take any more on.

  • Domestic and Commercial Structured cabling for Data/Phone, design and installations
    New or existing home or business. Moving office? Setting up an office at home? We can design and install a cabling system for you. More….
  • Network/Lan design, installation and support
    Office network seem slow? Upgraded your computers but staff still not able to do their job quickly. Talk to us about network design.
  • Smart House Wiring
    Add value to your home by installing a smart wiring system to let you get the most out of your entertainment and information systems. More….
  • Central ADSL/Broadband Filter installation
    To make your internet connection go as fast as it can get a central filter installed. More….
  • Security Systems
    We can assist you with designing and installing a security system including fully monitored systems sending messages to your mobile phone.
  • Satellite Dish & UHF Antenna Installs, (FreeView|HD, Ku/C-Band)
    Still haven’t upgraded your TV to FreeView? Not sure what sort of aerial you will need? Talk to us about what you’d like to do and we’ll design you a solution. More….
  • MATV/SMATV design and install
    Wanting access to overseas TV broadcasts in New Zealand. Talk to us about MATV/SMATV systems.
  • Home Theatre and AV design and install.
    Want to enhance your home entertainment experience? Not sure where to put speakers or just want a professional to mount your new 100 inch flat screen TV on the wall so it won’t fall off in an earth quake? Or just want the bulb and filters in your projector changed. More
  • Wireless Broadband planning, design and install
    Home or business, getting access to broadband on the go can be complex. Not sure which network to choose, what plan you should be using or how to configure your computers so that they use wireless in the office and ‘mobile data’ when you’re on the go? More….
  • Electronic design, including RF, Analog and Digital, specialising in 8051uC implementations
    We have over two decades of experience in designing specialist applications for customers all around the world in telecommunications, power and broadcasting markets.
  • GPRS telemetry designs
    We design data logging systems that use GPRS data for monitoring anything from a simple web server to complex remote power metering systems for the electrical industry.





Over 20 years experience in Broadcasting and Telecommunications installation and design.

Contact Stephen Abbot stephen@rfdesign.co.nz

Ph: +64 4 386 4315 – Mobile: +64 21 418 656  – Free Phone: 0800 020 095